The audio-based social networking app Clubhouse is a hot topic. What is it and how can you create something like it? In this article, we dissect the audio-based social networking trend and discuss how to build an app like Clubhouse. For the cost to develop an app like Clubhouse, scroll to the bottom of the article.

What’s Clubhouse?

In a nutshell, Clubhouse is an invite-only blend of podcasts, Twitter, and phone calls you can listen in on without legal repercussions. In the pandemic era when people are starved for live human interaction, the acclaim Clubhouse has received is of little surprise.

How does it work?


People seek medical assistance online when they can’t get it offline for any number of reasons. Having an online presence is a must these days, and this is truer than ever for medical companies as the coronavirus pandemic forces the world into lockdown. In this article, we’ll be talking about medical website design and development, its challenges, and its costs. Read on to learn more about the design and development process or scroll down to get a rough cost estimate.

Trends in medical websites

Modern technology is a blessing for humanity. It not only allows us to travel far and enjoy never before seen…

What is digital transformation? The answer might vary depending on who you ask. But what many business owners have in common when it comes to digital transformation is that they recognize its impact but are hesitant to undertake it. In this article, we talk about the advantages of digital transformation and how to go about building a solid digital transformation strategy for your business.

What is digital transformation?

That’s a tricky question. Here’s a very general answer:

Digital transformation is a process of implementing digital solutions into your business to create a better experience for your customers and employees.

Sounds relatively simple, but that’s…

Messenger apps are really popular these days, even ignoring the sudden surge in popularity due to the coronavirus pandemic. In this article, we talk about how to build an app like ToTok, a messenger launched last year in the United Arab Emirates that’s been talked about extensively and is surrounded by controversy. We’ll touch on its conveniences and issues and will estimate the cost to make an app like ToTok messenger.

What is ToTok?

The ToTok messenger was launched in 2019 in the UAE to meet demand for free online audio/video calling tools since Skype, WhatsApp, and other free VoIP services are banned…

In this article, we’d like to tell you a little bit about the importance of copywriting in user experience design and how copy done well can make your product more appealing to your audience.

Software development is an extremely multifaceted industry. When you decide to build a website or a mobile app, you have so many things to think about that the words you use for buttons are often an afterthought. Many a website owner underestimates the power of quality text.

At the same time, some specialists claim that good UX copy can raise user engagement as much as 17%

Would you be surprised if we told you that the e-learning approach is already 22 years old? This isn’t yesterday’s trend — it’s a deeply rooted way for students, employees, and any others to obtain knowledge and expand their horizons.

The recent coronavirus pandemic has contributed to the rapid adoption of e-learning, even making it a necessary safety measure. …

With mental health awareness on the rise, the popularity of mindfulness is rising exponentially. It’s time we talked about meditation app development. Our Mind Studios developers have experience in this niche, and we’d like to offer you some information about the cost to develop a meditation app, possible pitfalls when developing a meditation app, and ways to avoid them.

With everything going on, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me when I say that one of the main words of 2020 is stress. And that’s just added stress on top of the baseline stress that’s become natural in our already…

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we shop and make purchasing decisions. Today’s customers are economizing and becoming more careful about their purchases. But how is the pandemic affecting the real estate industry?

According to CNBC, there has been a decrease in the number of houses sold since the pandemic began; however, real estate is now being sold faster than it was a year ago. Buyers want to catch the best prices, and sellers are more willing to offer discounts. Augmented reality, video showcasing, and 3D walkthroughs speed up the deals with real estate objects even more.

A professionally…

With over 5 million apps in app stores across platforms, what else can people wish for? Turns out, quite a lot. To learn the top mobile app ideas that are trending in 2021, read on.

Mobile devices change our lives every day, for better or worse. (The Circle may or may not have been a good movie, but it did make a compelling argument.) Apps make us faster and more efficient at completing tasks, freeing time — to fit in more tasks. From basic communication to business, from dealing with finances to managing health, mobile apps assist us with anything…

In this article, we unlock the secret to a well-organized app development team by sharing principles for structuring your team, assigning roles and responsibilities, and picking the right specialists to successfully develop your app. We’ll introduce you to five ways of recruiting developers to your team and compare their cost-efficiency to enable you to plan your budget. More on this below, so stay with us!

Mobile app development team structure

When you’re looking at how to build a mobile app development team, you first should define what specialists you need and how many. …

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