How to Make a Meditation App Like Headspace

With mental health awareness on the rise, the popularity of mindfulness is rising exponentially. It’s time we talked about meditation app development. Our Mind Studios developers have experience in this niche, and we’d like to offer you some information about the cost to develop a meditation app, possible pitfalls when developing a meditation app, and ways to avoid them.

With everything going on, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me when I say that one of the main words of 2020 is stress. And that’s just added stress on top of the baseline stress that’s become natural in our already fast-paced lives. No wonder the practice of meditation has become so popular.

Meditation — and mindfulness as one of the meditation types — is a relatively easy practice to master, yet it’s insanely beneficial and has no side effects whatsoever — a combination that has made it a huge trend. With no harm possible, meditation is becoming the go-to solution for these trying and stressful times. This, consequently, leads us to the emergence of meditation apps.

How did meditation apps come to be?

Meditation is supposed to be a reprieve from our addiction to smartphones and social networks. Put all the distractions away, close your eyes, and dive inside yourself. So how did it happen that meditation apps are a thing now?

Well, it’s the digital age. To rephrase a famous internet meme, if it exists, there’s an app for it.

Mobile apps bring guided meditation to practitioners’ homes, and getting services at home is something we’ve come to appreciate in the twenty-first century. More so when half of the world’s population is cooped up for some reason or other.

As in fitness apps, in a meditation app, a user can typically choose a coach — a narrator — to guide them into a state of mindfulness. It’s the same as sitting in a room and listening to a mindfulness specialist. Other meditation apps offer soothing music instead of or in addition to voice narration.

Seeing as there’s a huge selection of meditation apps on the market, anyone can find something they like.

And seeing as the revenue meditation apps earn is growing each year, now is the best time to join the fray and create your own meditation app.

Want more about developing a meditation app? You can read our article on this topic: How to Make a Meditation App Like Headspace



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